In the modern digital world, we are increasingly facing cybersecurity threats from hackers: it has become a blooming factor for every business. 

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking are two of the fastest-growing subsectors of the information technology industry, which have an impact on everything we do. 

Businesses in almost every industry are searching for ethical hackers to assist them in enhancing their security by identifying gaps and weak points in their infrastructure that could endanger their data assets and other sensitive data. 

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What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking can help organizations identify and resolve vulnerabilities in their system. It is sometimes also referred to as network assessment, penetration testing, and security auditing.

The most typical application of ethical hacking is to find system vulnerabilities so that they can be resolved or fixed. However, ethical hacking can also be used to identify insider threats or to determine whether your system is vulnerable to attack or not.

What skills should an ethical hacker obtain?

An ethical hacker should be proficient in a variety of computer skills. However, they frequently specialize in one specific area of the ethical hacking field, becoming subject matter experts (SMEs).

All ethical hackers should have the following:

  • Knowledge of scripting languages.
  • Knowledge of operating systems.
  • A profound understanding of networking
  • A solid foundation in information security concepts.


What certifications should an ethical hacker obtain?

The three most important certifications that every ethical hacker should obtain are: 

  • CompTIA Security+ 

It is a widely recognized, vendor-neutral certification with a maximum of 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions that must be answered in 90 minutes. The CompTIA Security+ certification, which is beginner-level and offers a wider viewpoint, is a great place to start if you want to start or build a career in cybersecurity. It is valid for three years and may be renewed with 50 Continuing Education (CE) credits.

One of the most popular certifications of all time is ethical hacking. It will enhance your understanding of cybersecurity and cover a variety of hacking and penetration testing topics, including recon, IDS invasion, online hacking, and more.

This course mainly focuses on spotting vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and preventive measures. In addition, this course covers over 340 cyberattack tools and techniques. Earning this globally recognized credential in ethical hacking will give you the advantage to confidently increase your work options.

  • SSCP- Systems Security Certified Practitioner: 

The SSCP certification can act as a base for more complex cybersecurity roles, including risk assessment, incident response, and recovery, application security, etc. It is a three-hour exam with 125 questions that is overseen by the well-known (ISC)2 organization.

With 60 CPE (continuing professional education) credits and annual maintenance fees of about $65, this certification will be valid for three years.

Why would you want to be an ethical hacker?

Over the past few years, ethical hacking has become more and more popular for numerous reasons. However, the ability to hack into systems or utilize hacking skills and get paid is the main reason people opt for this course. 

Given the rising awareness of cyber security issues and the requirement for defense against cybercriminals, those who enjoy hacking have an opportunity to make it more than simply a hobby.

Here are some other reasons to consider ethical hacking: 

  • Ever-growing opportunities: 

One of the company’s most valuable assets is its information. To keep the information out of hackers’ eyes, it is crucial to protect it. These hackers can also steal financial information, databases, emails, business plans, and other types of important information. Hacking this information will undoubtedly have an effect on businesses and finally result in the loss of client trust.

Businesses need experts with outstanding ethical hacking skills to protect themselves against these types of major attacks, and the opportunities for such individuals are numerous and limitless. Moreover, due to the increasing rate of data theft and information leaks, the demand for ethical hackers has grown over time.

  • High salaries: 

Ethical hackers are in high demand now more than ever. Therefore, cybersecurity professionals make far more money than their computer science counterparts.

This is due to the fact that protecting online content against cyberattacks is essential for the growth and long-term health of the business. Furthermore, a cyberattack can be expensive in terms of user trust in addition to the immediate system and financial damage. Due to these reasons, businesses pay their cyber-defenders generously.

  • Job security: 

Since cyber risks and attacks will always exist, an ethical hacking career gives employment security to ethical hackers. This is true because, as technology gets advanced day by day, so do the ways of new security threats and attacks. However, criminal hackers will either develop new tactics or ways to take advantage of uncovered vulnerabilities, or they will modify tried-and-true attacks. However, in the future, businesses and organizations will still rely on ethical hackers to protect their data from these threats.

  • Problem-solving skills

While ethical hacking places a strong focus on technical proficiency, you will also acquire analytical thinking and problem-solving strategies. Not just cybersecurity jobs, but all IT jobs you might apply for will benefit from these traits.

  • Career Flexibility:

An ethical hacker is free to work in any industry. They had the option of opening their own business or joining large organizations. For individuals who want to travel, ethical hacking is an excellent employment option.

On a worldwide scale, cyber threats are at an all-time high, yet ethical hackers are scarce. Entrepreneurs that wish to grow their cybersecurity businesses can learn ethical hacking.

Bottom Line

These are some of the reasons why people mostly choose Ethical hacking. However, if you also wish to start your career in Ethical Hacking, get in touch with InfoSec4tc, We provide Complete Certified Ethical Hacker Course and other cybersecurity training programs online with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, our experts are always available to support you. To know more, explore our website now. 

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