Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

InfoSec4TC provides a set of cyber security services for all your business needs. You’ll gain instant access to our expert knowledge, experience, and tools to protect your growing business and mitigate its security risks.


Standards and Compliances

InfoSec4TC standards and compliance team cover the full range of Information / Cyber Security standards, compliance, and regulation implementation.

 ISO 27001

Information Security Regulation ISR







Gap Assessment

InfoSec4TC team conducts gap assessments (business and technical) for different standards and compliance.


Information Security Audit

InfoSec4TC members will analyse your existing security controls (Technical/non-technical) and make changes that will allow you to comply with standards and regulations and fully capitalise on business opportunities in the future while maintaining a solid security posture.

 You can count on InfoSec4TC to build a security framework for your business to protect your important assets and manage all types of risks. The framework provides you with a multi-layered, defence-in-depth system.


Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Service is designed to mitigate these types of costly attacks. We identify issues in the behaviour of your employees before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. Provide your employees with the information they need to protect your company assets against cyber threats. Employees will learn how to avoid making social media mistakes that can give hackers the opening they need to steal from you. In other words, we turn a potential weakness into a strength for your company.


Make Sure Your Employees Aren’t the Weak Link in Your Security Chain!

You can spend a great deal of time and money building an ultra-tight security system that’s free from vulnerabilities and still fall victim to an attack that breaches your network and obtains valuable intellectual property or prevents you from doing business.


How is this possible?

Hackers know that a company’s security is often only as strong as its employee’s. They can access your systems and information through phishing emails, telephone calls, direct visits to your facility and, more often, the use of social media, which can cause disruptions to your business activities.


Penetration Testing

Security breaches and service interruptions cost you money and erode the trust of your customers. Nobody wants to do business with a company they don’t trust. InfoSec4TC offers a comprehensive Penetration Testing Service to help you identify security vulnerabilities before they result in potentially devastating breaches.

 With this service, we will locate and verify system vulnerabilities, such as operating system, network, application and service flaws, improper configurations, and even risky end-user behaviour.

 It will cover the areas vital to your business operation, including web application, network, cloud, database, VOIP, infrastructure, application, mobile, wireless, social engineering, SCADA and more. At the completion of the service, you’ll get a detailed report that will give you a very clear picture of your system’s defence mechanisms, your existing vulnerabilities, and a prioritised list of simple steps to remove those risks.

 This valuable information will allow you to shore up your system and:

  • Avoid the cost of downtime
  • Gain assurances of your security defences
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Preserve your company’s reputation
  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Prevent exposure of your confidential information


Do you want to know how vulnerable your systems are AND how to simply remove the risks?

Let INFOSEC4TC find the vulnerabilities for you so that you can evaluate how critical they are, then prioritize remediation, apply security patches and allocate your security resources more efficiently.

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