Everyone is aware of the word “hacker,” even if they are not related to the computer world. The term “Hacker” is broadly used to portray an individual with advanced computer technology skills who can bypass security and penetrate networks with proper authorization or trick organizations. Some hackers use their skills to commit theft, fraud, or wrongful acts, while others consider breaking strict security a challenge and simply enjoy doing it. Whatever the motivation, cybercrime costs a lot to the world, with one business falling victim to ransomware every 11 seconds.

Organizations need to spend time and money to recover from a cyber attack. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the hacked organization will recover completely. Cybercrime, mainly data breaches, can damage the company’s name and reputation among clients and customers and even lead to legal action. That’s why it becomes necessary for every organization and business to hire a professional with CEH certification. These certified professionals have ethical hacking skills important to any business with a significant digital footprint. Ethical hackers are different from malicious hackers, but they think like malicious hackers that any company is trying to stop. They spot the weak points in any organization’s networks and procedures through stress-testing and correct them to avoid any cybercrime to happen before it’s too late.

Let’s discuss more about ethical hackers and the skills & certifications they possess.

What Is An Ethical Hacker?

Ethical Hackers are security experts who perform security assessments in an organization. They perform proactive tasks to improve an organization’s security posture. A company needs ethical hackers to keep a check on the security of a system or network’s infrastructure. They find vulnerabilities in improper system configuration and hardware or software flaws. They perform all this ethically with proper permission from the company owner to probe their network and discover security risks. Apart from private businesses, government organizations also hire ethical hackers.

Who Is A Certified Ethical hacker?

A certified ethical hacker or CEH is an individual who possesses a core certification in ethical hacking. This specialized program involves teaching ethical hacking fundamentals. Learning the basics of computer systems and operating systems to get hands-on practice with some of the most common hacking tools is a part of the curriculum. Advanced techniques around penetration testing, cybercrime countermeasures, blocking cyberattacks, firewall testing, and others are all part of the course. The CEH course also introduces new techniques that seasoned cyber security professionals do not even know. Those who find it interesting and wish to make their career as certified ethical hackers can consider joining this course.

What Does A Certified Ethical Hacker Do?

A certified ethical hacker can help both private and government organizations in several ways. These include:

Discover Vulnerabilities

An ethical hacker helps organizations determine which IT security measures of their company are effective and need to be updated as they contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited. After finishing the complete evaluation of an organization’s systems, certified ethical hackers report to the authorized people about the vulnerable areas. These may include insecure applications, insufficient password encryption, or exposed systems running unpatched software. The data can be used to make informed decisions about improving the company’s security posture to prevent cyber attacks.

Demonstrating Techniques Used By Cybercriminals

Several demonstrations exhibit different hacking techniques that malicious hackers could use to attack their security systems and wreak havoc in the organizations. After getting complete knowledge of the methods that the attackers use to break into the systems, businesses can better prevent those incursions.

Prepare In Advance For A Cyber Attack

Cyberattacks can cripple or completely destroy a business, significantly smaller businesses. Several companies are still not prepared for cyber attacks. Ethical hackers know how threat hackers operate and how they use new information and techniques to attack systems. Security professionals can work with ethical hackers and prepare their companies for future attacks. Certified ethical hackers help any organization better adapt to the constantly changing nature of online threats.

Organizations need to respond quickly and adequately to all the weak spots or problems that ethical hackers find out; otherwise, the most sophisticated ethical hacking skills get easily wasted.

How To Become A Certified Ethical Hacker?

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants or EC-Council is an American organization that offers cybersecurity certification. It is a global leader in InfoSec Cyber Security Certification Programs like Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Network Defender, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, etc.

If you wish to become a certified ethical hacker, you must clear the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker exam.

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The goal of our ethical hacking courses is to help you master an ethical hacking methodology to use in an ethical hacking situation or penetration testing. By the end of the course, you will learn ethical hacking skills that are highly in demand and globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker Certification.

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