Most probably, you are looking for a cost-effective or free option to learn cyber security. The cybersecurity industry is quite an interesting and lucrative industry. It is an interesting one because you do not need a formal Bachelor’s Degree Program in cybersecurity to become a cybersecurity professional. It is a skill-based industry where if you have the right skills, you can land a job anywhere in the world. We will discuss the process of securing your first job in the cybersecurity industry later in this post.

The cybersecurity industry is a lucrative one because there will be more than 3.5 million unfulfilled job opportunities across the globe by 2025. In the USA alone, there is sharp demand for cyber security professionals as more and more businesses are going digital and the rising number of cyber security threats.

So, if you are planning to establish your career in the cybersecurity industry, it is the best time to get started.

Find the right resources

In this post, we will look at the systematic approach to learning cyber security on your own at home. Have a look at it.

1. Find the right resources

The first step to learning cyber security at home is to get access to the right resources. Right resources on cyber security guide you on almost everything from how to get started, where to learn cyber security, how to prepare for a cyber security certification examination, and much more.

The best place to find some really credible and good cyber security resources is searching online. You have the platforms like Google and YouTube to start your research. There are many cyber security experts that can help you get started with cyber security for free with their educational videos.

You can search online for the top cyber security free training course on Google to find a free training course. The best online platforms that provide cyber security training include edX, Coursera, Udemy, and Infosec4TC.

We recommend you go through the InfoSec4TC Cyber Security Career Builder Course. It will help you with the answers to all the questions about how to build a career in information security from scratch.

InfoSec4TC Cyber Security Career Builder Course Course answers the following questions:

  • Why should you consider building or switching to an Information Security career?
  • Is there any prerequisite to building a career in Information Security?
  • Do I need to have a technical background?
  • How should I start?
  • How long will it take to start applying for Information Security jobs?
  • What training/certification do you need to get?
  • What is the difference between different Information Security Certifications such as CISSP, CISM, CISA, Ethical Hacking, Security+, and CSA+?
  • With which Course should I start?
  • What are the important skills that you need to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile?
  • What else do you need to focus on?

2. Create your study plan

The next step is to create your study plan. Without planning, it is hard to achieve any goal. There are a few things that you need to get absolutely right. Here is the step-by-step approach to creating a good study plan:

Know your objective: Decide on the certification exam you want to prepare for. This will help you decide what you want to learn. Cybersecurity is a vast subject, and it includes a variety of aspects. For example, if you want an entry-level job in the cyber security industry, you need to prepare for the entry-level cyber security examination, such as Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals, ISACA CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate, or CompTIA Security+.

Get the right assistance: Go through the exam syllabus and start preparing for it. It is very important to have the right guidance when preparing for the cybersecurity certification exam. Refer to the online resources to avail of the assistance you need to prepare for the exam. Self-paced videos help you learn cybersecurity at your own pace.

Prepare daily: It is very important to study daily if you want to pass any exam. Rather than studying hours in a day and then not studying for the next few days, study one hour each day of the week. You can keep one day off to recharge, but the idea is to study consistently and regularly. Use the practice questions to master concepts.

3. Take actions

A plan is just a plan if it is not implemented. There is no alternative to action. Start small. Move towards your objective every single day. When you start preparing for your certification exam, you are going to face a lot of challenges. Be mentally prepared to tackle those challenges. Use the exam simulator to get the real feel of the exam. Evaluate your performance and improve.

How to secure your first job in the cybersecurity industry?

The best way to secure your first job in the cybersecurity industry is to prepare for the cybersecurity certification examination. Top cybersecurity certification examinations include CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CISM, and CEH. You can prepare for top cybersecurity examinations with InfoSec4TC online cybersecurity training courses.

InfoSec4TC training course includes:

  • 100% Self-paced learning videos
  • Lifetime access to online course videos
  • Latest exam practice questions
  • Extra course study materials and resources
  • Free access to the student portal
  • Attendance certificates with CPEs
  • Closed social media groups
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Explore our collection for free and paid training courses. We have the best cyber security online course available in our collection for preparers of all levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced. Apart from this, we have a 97% first-attempt success rate. So, start preparing with InfoSec4TC to get guaranteed success.

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