Persistence & Registry Run Keys

Join us in the upcoming episode of our LIVE streaming series: Red Team vs Blue Team: A Cybersecurity Showdown of Attack and Defense. 🌐🔒 In this episode, we will learn how to catch and kick out the sneaky hackers who use persistence mechanisms and registry run keys to stay on your system. Persistence mechanisms are tricks that let hackers keep access to your system even after you reboot or disconnect from the network. Registry run keys are one of the most common tricks that let hackers run their evil code every time you start up your system. These tricks are often used by malware, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) to hide from you and cause trouble. How can you find and remove these pests? How can you prevent future attacks using these tricks? Find this out and more when you tune in our awesome live show. Bring your friends along cause the fun is about to start! 🙌 If you loved the previous episodes, where we explored how the Red Team and the Blue Team can use and defend against the Eternal Blue exploit, the WannaCry ransomware, and the MOVEit vulnerability,

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