With one click, organizations can lose millions of dollars. Cyber-attack is the culprit, but the question is how firms can protect their assets against such attacks. The answer is clear, by hiring cyber security professionals with skills to fill the security gap within the firm. So, if you want to establish a career in cyber security, we have the cyber security training specialist workshop where you will learn cyber security while working on real projects.

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 In 2022, cyber security is the most sought-after IT job role in the tech industry. Whether you are currently working in the IT industry and want to take the next step in your career or are a newbie, cyber security training programs can be the stepping stone in your career. At present, there are over 500,000 cyber security jobs in the United States, and hence the best time to enter the field of numbers and codes. After the pandemic, the number of cyber security jobs increased by 8 %, making it necessary for firms to appoint trained employees. At the same time, firms must also provide in-house cyber security training to employees to further improve their skills. 

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What is Cyber Security Training? Why Enroll in Cyber Security Specialist Workshop?

Over the last decade, advancements in business technology have resulted in improved productivity. But, the same advancements in technology have exposed organizations to advanced cyber-attacks. Data breaches, ransomware viruses, DoS, and what not, these cyber-attacks result in billions of dollars in businesses each year. Businesses have developed countermeasures to combat these attacks. However, since the threat landscape constantly changes, there is a need to impart cyber security realistic experience to employees to keep them updated about the new threats.

But the question is, with so many cyber security courses out there, which one should you choose. The answer is simple, the one that provides real-life training rather than plain study materials with no help from instructors. Keeping this in mind, School.infosec4tc brings the interested candidate’s cyber security specialist workshop. Candidates will learn important cyber security skills and their implementation in a real business environment through the course. 

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What is Included in our Cyber Security Specialist Workshop?

Candidates learn at a faster rate when working on real-life cyber security projects. In our course, candidates will learn to execute project tasks and gain the skills needed to apply for a cyber security job. The approach is better than rote learning or traditional online courses with no implementation experience. Businesses look for candidates with cyber security experience and not just theoretical knowledge. Through our course, candidates get the opportunity to work on actual projects. We provide assignments/ projects in the workshop. We will evaluate the assignments and accept them based on the level of expertise in completing the assignments, as you will work on the business task. Our real business tasks are divided into three categories: strategic assignments, operational assignments, and technical assignments.   

There will be around 25 assignments, like ISMS implementation, security monitoring, IS audit, and FW solution, to name a few. Our experts will use the skills set matrix to evaluate the candidate’s progress and find areas where the candidate lacks and what skills are needed to fill the gap.  

The cyber security program is for 8 months, like an internship program where you work on real projects. The primary objectives of the course include:

  • Gain realistic cyber security experience.
  • Pass cyber security exams and get certified with the most valuable CS certificates.
  • Get real-life implementation experience from real cyber security projects.
  • Understand the real business challenge.
  • Get the confidence you need to apply for any job.

After attending the training program, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Gain Self-Confidence to Pass the Interview

When you perform real-life business tasks, you get the confidence to reply to any interview question. For instance, if you work on the CISM implementation assignment, you will gain first-hand information that will help you to crack the interview. Also, once you get the job, you will be better able to handle the job challenges.

Learn to Create Robust Firewall Defenses: 

 By working on real business tasks, candidates will learn to create better firewalls and defense mechanisms to mitigate threats. Within the firm, employees with real-life experience provide a makeshift response to combat the negative consequences of a data breach.

Keep Track Of Dynamic Cyber Security Threats

Hackers and cybercriminals continuously invest in innovative means to gain access to systems. As a result, businesses look for experienced employees to defend against such attacks. And this is where real-time cyber security projects come into the spotlight. The training workshop updates candidates on the latest control measures and the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

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A Sure Shot Way to Career Growth

Cyber security training helps candidates carry out basic and unsophisticated security measures without using IT teams. In this way, IT teams within the firms get enough time to focus on more complex issues. Real-life experience is the key to landing high-paying cyber security jobs.

Don’t trust us blindly! Have a quick look at the reviews shared by our students about how the cyber security workshop helped them in their dream job.  

Congratulation to our students for their new Cyber Security Jobs

So, are you all set to work on real cyber security assignments? Enroll in our cyber security specialist workshop now! Our batch starts on 24th April 2022. We provide two payment methods: 8 payments for $75 /month or a one-time payment where you pay the full amount ($ 500) and save $100. 

Enroll now; limited seats are available.

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