Ever since the advent of the digital era, cybercrime has lifted to a greater extent. Further, with the advancement of technology, the tools present to hackers have become more advanced. So, it’s the biggest threat to everybody who is using the internet- be it an individual or an organization. It has become crucial to reinforce our protection against cyber attacks of the future. However, there exist some skill gaps in the cybersecurity sector that most of the professionals are experiencing at the moment.

A recent study says that there would be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. It means that by the next year, companies would be desperately seeking for ethical hackers to protect their company’s data from unethical hackers. So, if you are looking for a career that can pay you a good salary, then this is it. Get cyber security certifications online from Infosec4TC and become a cybersecurity expert!

What Led Us Here?

With the pervasion of cloud applications, web, digital transformation, and other services being currently offered, it’s quite daunting for businesses to fulfill many of their IT (information technology) positions and to enable those who need security expertise. Another problem that is encountered often is that small enterprises find themselves more frequently targeted; sometimes as a channel to their big customers and partners. On one hand, specialized security experts instantly get seized up by the bigger corporations, other organizations require to tap into such expertise as well and they need them now.

If we believe the study of Global Information Security Workforce (GISW) in 2017, two-thirds of about 20,000 respondents showed that their companies lack the number of cybersecurity experts required for today’s threat climate. Organizations must broaden their limit of potential candidates to get smart, dedicated, and motivated individuals who perform well as part of a team. Just because they may not possess certificates or degrees or prior experience an organization may hope for, it doesn’t mean they won’t be an excellent fit. If they are collaborative, smart, and passionate about solving problems, it might make sense to admit their potential.

What’s All Expected from 2021?

As already stated above, a recent article published showed that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. Out of 3.5 million, India is alone going to need 1 million cybersecurity professionals by 2020 to meet the demands of its rapidly growing economy, says NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies).

Further, the article explains that this demand is largely due to the excessive demand for unique and specialist skills and because of the market’s inability to consistently master new technologies at the same speed as vulnerabilities are exposed. Moreover, the article adds, many organizations are longing to transform their workplaces with the latest cutting-edge tools without pondering on the significant security measures that must be taken to secure them.

The Intricacy with On-the-Job Learning

The infosec sector has a few other notions that are likely to inhibit the journey towards narrowing the skills gap. Experience and subtlety are vital for steering threats. There are only a handful of higher education institutes that provide dedicated courses. Employers and cybersecurity recruiters are struggling to fill the required vacant positions.

Those who are interested in working with cybersecurity, most of their experiences and skills needed to satisfy highly specialized roles are gained in employment. The break between the market and education need can be clearly observed in the fact that 53pc of organizations aren’t confident in their capability of conducting penetration testing. Although, there’s only one course that is listed on UCAS that mentions penetration testing in the course outline.

Why You Need Cyber Security Certifications Online?

The simplest answer to this question is that you need cyber security certifications online to earn more money and have a better lifestyle. The minimum salary of a cybersecurity professional is $26,000 per annum. Yes, it’s the minimum and the maximum could be anything above $100,000.

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