From Russia’s war with Ukraine to ransomware attacks and data leaks, cyber security is a growing issue for global organizations. Result: increasing cyber security jobs that offer high pay to certified cyber security personnel.

The growing cyber concerns are why penetration testers (what we call pen testers) have become the heroes for the firms. They conduct authorized tests to evaluate security loopholes before hackers can exploit them. If you are thinking of starting a cyber-security career as a pentester, this blog is a must-read.

But for starters, let’s talk a little more about what penetration testers do!!!!!

Penetration Tester

Who is a Penetration Tester? What are the Job Roles?

Penetration testers, also called ethical hackers, are the information security analysts who don the cape to protect the system from hackers. Pen testers simulate intrusions within a security network to find vulnerabilities to beef up the security. Pen testers use a variety of tools for performing security tests. 

“The demand for this space is growing exponentially—we have seen a barrage of breaches over the last few months, theft of data and access are the new organized crime,” said Richard Fleeman, vice president at cybersecurity consulting firm Coalfire. 

The above statement indicates the wealth of opportunities for cyber security professionals who want to become a pentester. Also, according to PayScale the median annual salary for pentesters is about $86,000 in the US, and candidates with 10 + years of experience can earn more than $120,000 yearly.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Pen Tester

Now when it comes to the day to day tasks of a pentester, it all depends on the firm. If you apply for ethical hacking certification training and pen tester course, you will master the following skills needed on the job.

  • Perform tests on applications, network devices and cloud infrastructures
  • Pen testers have to write technical and executive reports
  • Reverse engineer malware or spam
  • Perform common testing techniques to improve efficiency
  • Create innovative methodologies for penetration testing
  • Send findings of the study to both the technical team and executive staff
Pen Tester

Why Should You take up Penetration Testing in 2022?

How to Become a Penetration Tester: 2022

Pen testers earn a handsome salary, although the salary varies according to the education level, experience and location. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 33 per cent job growth for information security, including penetration testers, between 2020 and 2030.

Here is a list of top-paying cities in the USA for penetration testers.


Washington, DC

Average Salary: 119,790


Arlington, VA

Average Salary: $ 106,390


Dallas, TX

Average Salary: $98,453


Seattle, WA

Average Salary: $98,260


Austin, TX

Average Salary: $ 93,700

So, are you all set to embark on the penetration tester career journey? If so, School.infosec4tc brings you the best cyber security specialist workshop and pen tester training courses.

Top Penetration Testing Courses That Will Give Wings to your Career

Ethical hacking and CompTIA PenTest+

In this course, the candidate will learn to use tools to scan networks, crack passwords, analyze and intercept traffic, discover code vulnerabilities and compromise resources. Find out the vulnerabilities in the system, practice pen testing skills and scope, and plan and execute a pen test engagement from start to finish.

The Ultimate EC-Council Certificates Bundle

Become a professional penetration tester with our EC-council certificates bundle. The course will help you pass CND, CEH v11, ECSA, CHF, CPENT, CTIA, CSCU, ECIH, and CCISO exams. The course is for network administrators, security consultants, security managers, security architects and security analysts.

Penetration Testing Workshop

Enroll in the real penetration testing workshop. The workshop follows a top-down approach where candidates will learn important penetration testing skills and how to apply them in a real business environment.   The top-down approach is more effective than traditional learning, which focuses on rote learning rather than practical teaching.

Penetration Tester Career Path Program

The penetration tester career path bundle will help you get your dream job as a professional penetration tester. Here is what is included in the bundle:

  1. The right course
  2. The right professional certificate
  3. The real-life experience
  4. The real penetration testing project experience
  5. A detailed plan to crack the interview

So, are you all set to start your cyber security career? If so, these courses will pave the way for you. Reach out to register for your courses.

penetration testing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Penetration Testers

How Long It Will Take To Become A Penetration Tester?

There is no definitive period for becoming a penetration tester. After gaining one to four years of work experience in IT and information security, you can take up the role of a penetration tester. 

What Degree do you Require to Become a Penetration Tester?

There is no specific degree you need to become a penetration tester. If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, cyber security or information security, it will become easy to take up the penetration testing job.

Is Penetration Testing a Good Career Option?

Penetration testing can be a good career choice for individuals with strong computing, IT and problem-solving skills. School.infosec4tc provides online cyber security courses to help you become a professional pentester.

Does Penetration Testing Involve Coding?

Most penetration testing jobs require programming ability in scripting languages like Pearl and standard programming languages like Java.   As an aspiring penetration tester, you must learn basic programming skills to increase the chances of getting a highly rewarding job.

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