USB Data Blocker


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No More Juice Attacks

About this item

  • The Ultimate Data Guardian

  • Are you worried about the risk of mobile phone data leakage or uploading viruses when you use a charging station to recharge? Worried about spyware or hacking attacks on your mobile device while charging? Don't worry, choosing a data blocker is an effective measure to prevent these potential risks.

  • Only for Charging

  • With our USB data blocker, you can charge your device without any risk of data transfer.

  • It acts as a smart barrier, allowing only the charging function while protecting your valuable information from potential hacking or malware threats by physically blocking data transfer and syncing.

  • Supports up to 2.4A charging.

  • Compact and Portable

  • Our USB data blocker is small and lightweight. You can slip it into your pocket, bag or keychain and easily take it anywhere.

  • Perfect for people on the go or those who use public charging stations at airports, hotels, etc.

  • Designed with a transparent case for a more visual look and feel.

  • No Pop-ups

  • By InfoSec4TC data blocker, your phone can never receive pop-ups for requirement of data transmission.

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