Penetration Testing – Ethical Hacking Project from A to Z.

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There is plenty of Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing courses online today which made learning Ethical Hacking / Penetration testing very easy BUT how can we utilize this knowledge and skills into a real business or project, this course combine both technical and business skills you need to work as a professional Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester together and will help you to answer the following questions

  • How to start a penetration testing project in any organization?
  • What is the right approach for any organization to offer your EH / PT services?
  • How to write a EH / PT proposal for any company or organization ?
  • How to plan for a real EH / PT project?
  • What Professional tools should you use in a EH / PT project?
  • How to conduct the full phases of EH / PT and what should your result look like ?
  • How to manage the finding and recommend solution?
  • How to write the final report ?
  • What is the EH / PT service fees?


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