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  • Working Principle Using the LED infrared physical scanning technology, the infrared light of the detector scans the hidden camera through the dual functions of the refraction of the glass mirror of the camera and the filtering of complex light by the color filter.

  • Six Core Functions Stereo 3D, USB universal, LED highlight, sensor chip, charging interface, front light.

  • Ultra-Long Battery Life USB fast charging, get rid of the trouble of frequent battery replacement, one charge can be used for 720 hours continuously, the battery capacity is 110Ah, the battery life is long-lasting, once charged, the anti-candid mode can be used continuously for 24 hours.

  • Lightweight and compact Easy to carry, only weighs 25g, can be put into the bag at will, carry it with you, the lines are smooth, and the shape is simple and atmospheric.

  •  Operation Method Turn on the switch of the detector, long press the switch, the red light flashes, start infrared scanning, and scan through the special filter lens from the window thing.

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