Social Media OSINT Hacking Bundle


Reveal sensitive information about your targets on Social Media like real world advanced hackers

Welcome to the optimum and unique Social Media OSINT Hacking bundle, the only courses bundle you need to learn how to reveal and gather a huge amount of information about your targets exactly like real-world expert hackers on the most popular social media platforms.

Social media OSINT is significantly important skill and knowledge should be possessed by Ethical Hackers because social media is one of the important gates used by real-world malicious hackers to reveal and gather critical information.

I will take you step-by-step through high quality and engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to reveal the most possible information of your targets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and there is an extra course to teach the primary definitions of Ethical Hacking easily and in an alluring method and you will learn how to be an expert hacker in the shortest time possible.

The courses are highly practical and there are beautiful doodles and sketches explanation videos to make the theory very comprehensive.

The courses are always updated with new video tutorials, more discovered OSINT tricks on social media that you will never find anywhere else, and the courses are always up to date with all Social Media updates.


Your Instructor

Mostafa Ahmad  Mostafa Ahmad

My name is Mostafa Ahmad, I'm a Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking expert. I have a wide range of experience with a successful track record of ethically hacking exactly like highly dangerous black hat hackers but in a good way to make them more secure, I have been working with Vodafone, HSBC, Izam, and I'm currently working with Cyberteq and HackerOne. I love teaching and I have the full desire to deliver my successful experience to help anyone who wants to learn hacking to be highly skilled ethical hackers and penetration testers to have a successful career path. A lot more of my courses are being made and my courses will be full of thorough practical explanations of how to professionally hack and secure like experts.


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