RFID Card Blocker, X2


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Always be a Step ahead of Hackers

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  • ESSENTIAL FOR THE MODERN DAY Protect yourself from data thieves who skim & steal your personal financial information within seconds.

  • Avoid wasting hours of cancelling credit cards and anxiety over identity theft.

  • Travel safely & securely with confidence knowing you are protected with our RFID blocking card & will not be a victim

  • SECURE YOUR INFORMATION Protects credit cards, debit & ATM cards, passports, driver's licenses & other RFID-enabled contactless Smart Cards.

  • Lined with an electromagnetically opaque shield to block signals from high-tech pickpockets & unauthorized electronic scanning devices.

  • SLIM & COMPACT  It’s the size of a credit card and ultra-thin. It easily slips into the card slot in your wallet. You wouldn’t even know it’s there! No more fiddly and fussy sleeves

  • CHEAPER YET MORE ADVANCED PROTECTION THAN RFID SLEEVES  Say goodbye to a stack of bulky and fiddly card sleeves! The simplest, yet most advanced, solution and prevention to identity and financial information theft.

  • Simply insert the card into your wallet or passport holder and enjoy the immediate protection

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