Last year, Facebook’s Messenger Kids made it to the news due to serious security issues. This year, Messenger Kids is under the limelight, however, for a positive change. Facebook has recently announced changes in the Messenger Kids app features that empower parents to keep an eye on their kids. They have also updated their privacy policy.

Why Is It Important?

The online world is filled with exciting things, however, parents tend to overlook certain strategies that can ensure safety. The term ‘cybersecurity’ is difficult to explain to children. Talking to them about why it isn’t a good idea to share their passwords – can be daunting. But if you use applications that offer improved safety features, you can get away with this hassle.

Messenger Kids Improved Features

The tech giant Facebook has recently announced some major upgrades ensuring advanced protection features in the app, Messenger Kids . According to a blog post by Facebook Product Manager, Morgan Brown, Facebook has made some major feature upgrade in the Messenger Kids. Facebook have introduced the following features under the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard in both Facebook iOS and Android apps.

  • Recent Contacts and Chat History: Parents can see whom their kids are chatting with and how frequently along with a 30-day history.
  • Log of Images in Chats: Parents can view the images and videos in the kid’s chat thread.
  • Reported and Blocked Contacts History: Users can view the history of contacts and messages that their kids ever blocked or reported. Parents will also receive notifications for such actions performed by their kids.
  • Remote Device Logout: Parents can view the devices where their kids sign-in or sign out to Messenger Kids app.
  • Download Your Child’s Information: Through this option, parents can request their child’s Messenger Kids information. Though, performing this action will notify the child as well.

The Parent Dashboard feature also empowers the parents to monitor more than one child as well.

Facebook also revamped the method of blocking or unblocking contacts in Messenger Kids, the parents can control whom their kids connect with. Likewise, they also tend to inform the kids in a friendly way about the information the app shares about them.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Alongside improved features, Facebook also updated their Privacy Policy for Messenger Kids app. As explained in their post,

We’ve updated the Messenger Kids privacy policy to include additional information about our data collection, use, sharing, retention and deletion practices.

Moreover, they have also included information in their privacy policy about the features they plan to roll in the future.

Teaching Children about Cybersecurity

If you find the field of cybersecurity fascinating and want your child to get a hang of it too, you can start with it today itself. Even though, the earlier the better but there are no rigid rules to this. Besides, cybersecurity knowledge is not just a pathway to a successful career – it’s very essential particularly in today’s hyper-connected culture. It ensures your child’s safety and the sooner they learn about it, the safer it is.

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