Red Team vs Blue Team: A Cybersecurity Showdown of Attack and Defense

Welcome to the second episode of our LIVE streaming series: Red Team vs Blue Team: A Cybersecurity Showdown of Attack and Defense. 🛡🤺
In this episode, we will dive deep into the Blue Team’s perspective and learn how to detect and stop Eternal Blue attacks and recover from WannaCry infections. Both of these cyber attacks have caused massive damage and disruption to millions of people and organizations around the world. How can the Blue Team protect their systems and networks from these attacks? What are the best practices and tools to use? Find out in this exciting and informative live session. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss it!

And if you missed the first episode, where we explored how the Red Team can use Eternal Blue to their advantage, don’t worry, you can watch it on our YouTube channel @InfoSec4tc. You’ll learn how Eternal Blue works, how to exploit it, and how to evade detection. It’s a must-watch for any aspiring hacker or pentester. 🥷

🗓 The live streaming will start on Saturday, August 26th, 12:00 PM (EST)

Tune in on:
▶ YouTube: @InfoSec4tc
▶ Twitch: infosec4tc
▶ Twitter: @InfoSec4TC_X
▶ Facebook: InfoSec4TC
▶ LinkedIn: InfoSec4TC

The event is finished.

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