Log4j: How It Impacted the Internet?

Get ready for a new episode of our LIVE streaming show: Red Team vs Blue Team:

A Cybersecurity Showdown of Attack and Defense.

💥 In this episode, we will unleash the Log4j beast, a critical flaw that has been wreaking havoc on the entire internet. Log4j is a widely used logging library that has a remote code execution vulnerability that allows attackers to hijack any Java application or server.

How did this nightmare come to life and why is it so hard to stop?

Tune in with the certified Red Team instructor, Hesham Mahmoud, to find out.

And don’t forget to catch up on the previous episodes, where we explored how the Red Team and the Blue Team can use and defend against the Eternal Blue exploit, WannaCry ransomware, MOVEit vulnerability, and Persistence & Registery Run Keys.

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