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Cyber Security Specialist Workshop

*The Workshop Includes free Gold Membership


Format: Online live sessions
Total hours: 80 hours – 1 PM EST
Duration: 8 months (32 weeks; 1 session every Saturday)
5 Real cyber security projects – Labs are included.
35 Practical operational activities

Start Date: 26 August 2023


Program Approach:

This Cyber Security Specialist Workshop utilizes a top-down approach to teach participants the essential skills for implementing cybersecurity measures in real-world business environments. Recognizing that hands-on experience on actual projects accelerates learning more effectively than traditional training or online courses, the program provides participants with the opportunity to work on real cybersecurity projects, offering guidance on task execution and encouraging experiential learning.<p “=””>This method surpasses conventional learning paths that rely on theoretical knowledge but lack practical implementation experience.<p “=””>

Program Objectives:

  • Acquire realistic cybersecurity experience.
  • Pass cybersecurity exams and obtain highly valued CS certifications.
  • Gain real-life implementation experience from actual cybersecurity projects.
  • Understand genuine business challenges.
  • Build confidence to apply for various job positions.
  • Cyber Security realistic experience.

The event is finished.

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