Twitter has recently disclosed a vulnerability that indirectly affected users’ privacy. As disclosed, this Twitter bug allowed a browser to store cached files, including the private ones.

Twitter Bug Left Cached Files Stored

Twitter has disclosed a bug impacting some users’ privacy. This bug allowed browsers to store cached files, including private data shared via DM on Twitter. Elaborating on the details, Twitter revealed that the bug specifically worked with the Mozilla Firefox browser. It did not have any impact on users of other browsers including Chrome and Safari. Though, this isn’t a serious matter for users who always use single or personal devices to use Twitter. However, for those who logged in to their accounts via shared or public computers using Firefox, this is a privacy concern.

Firefox stores cached files for a 7-day period before automatic deletion. It means that any private files exchanged via DMs while using Firefox on shared PCs may have remained in the browser cache.

Twitter Fixed The Flaw

Twitter has patched the flaw after discovering it. In the future, the Firefox browser will not store any cached files, making it safe for the users to use shared PCs.Twitter advises users to remain careful, and ensure clearing browser cache before logging out. Users can do so via Menu > Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data

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