A Certified Ethical Hacker certification demonstrates a security expert’s ability and expertise related to penetration testing. It is one of the most famous and sought after training that allows you to achieve a specialist job in the IT security field.

With a certified ethical hacker certification, an individual acquires white-hat techniques. It also allows the person to become an expert in testing black hat strategies that might be utilized by hackers to enter an IT security framework. The point is to discover the loopholes in an IT framework and to guess the thoughts of the hackers to uncover all the vulnerabilities that IT might be exposed to.

If you’re considering enrolling in a course in this field but aren’t sure how beneficial it will be, this blog is for you. We will be discussing three of the major advantages that will remove your worries and allow you to pursue your dream without a second thought.

Advantages of a Certified Ethical Hacker Certification

  1. Become a Specialist

When you begin a certified ethical hacker course you will realize that this field is extremely vast. It incorporates the improvement of IT systems and their administration,  risk mitigation, planning, and examination of the data technology systems, security and penetration testing, and ethics.

The comprehensive course helps an IT security expert foresee how a hacker moves. It offers error-free systems that are made through an envisioned approach. The course also includes techniques for the filtering of systems and effective hacking procedures that are used for analysis.

More than 2000 hacking tools and 100+ labs are incorporated within the course structure with the goal that all the security concerns are met.

  1. Higher Salary

Those who have obtained the CEH certification get an annual salary of approximately $ 55,000 per year. The salary increase increases manifold with an increase in experience and the senior penetration testers get an annual salary of above $ 90000.

The individuals who have acquired the CEH certification get an annual salary of around $ 70,000 every year. The salary increment expands with an increase in experience and the seniors in this field get a yearly pay of approximately $ 100,000.

  1. Acquire a Broad Scope of skills

A person with a certified ethical hacker certification learns how to create, examine, ethically hack, test and furthermore protect the systems. A few subjects secured under the certified ethical hacker course are:

  • Incident management, penetration testing and different issues aggressively influencing IT security.
  • Foot printing, Countermeasures and other essential tools.
  • Network scanning and countermeasures.
  • Enumeration and countermeasures,
  • Speed examination, steganography, track covering and the Steganalysis attacks.
  • Computer worms, viruses, analysis of malware and the countermeasures in question.
  • Theft identification, social engineering and the countermeasures involved.
  • DDOS/DOS attacks and Botnets.
  • Remote hacking and encryption tools for Wi-Fi
  • Vulnerabilities of the mobile working systems including iOS, Windows, and Android along with security guidelines.
  • Cloud Computing dangers and security strategies included.

To Conclude

Students who enroll in a certified ethical hacking course or those with a certification adapt practically all parts of IT, mobile and computer security. The certification offers a gigantic value to the business organization. These skills can likewise be updated through cutting edge certifications, which mean you remain in demand even after working in the field for years.

For those interested in pursuing a course in this field can rest assured as they can easily get course materials and other training resources from Infosec4TC. In case of questions or concerns, do reach out to us. We’d be happy to address them!

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